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it’s a cute game.

Thanks Doomlaser !!

I've just got it and I love it! It's just the kind of games I love and a perfect example of what I would make if I could create a game.

It has some bugs that prevent it from working on some MSX machines, though (e.g. Sony HB-55P plus RAM expansion, Toshiba HX-20 and others).

Releasing a .ROM version would be very nice too for those that don't have a disk drive but do have a flashcart.

Hi Mastropiero, I'm glad you like the game. The problems you mention are related to the engine I use for development (MPAGD) that only allows, for now, to work with the .DSK format in MSX1. When they update the tool I will release a ROM version that solves those problems.

I've created a 32KB ROM version of the game. Check your Facebook account ;-)  Please feel free to make it available for download if you find it useful.

Thank you again for such a funny game!!

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ROM file works fine with SOFARUN in most MSXs, but I could not get it to run on a Daewoo CPC-400.

Hello, We have detected certain incompatibilities with Sofarun. They have been solved by changing some of its configuration parameters, for example: "Device Pref. -> Memory mapper". Try it or try to use it without Sofarun

Can you try an alternative loader to SofaRun? (pure flashrom burning is the preferred method to guarantee compatibility)


Thanks, mmalzone

Great little game!

Thanks Vyper!!

No problem, all the praise is richly deserved : )

Featured :D - Nice game!

thank you very much

Very nice game! Great atmosphere.


Excellent platformer with cool music.  I like the puzzle aspect of it.

Thanks, Chris!!